Looking for a translation from English, German, or one of the Nordic languages into Czech? Or, perhaps, in the other direction? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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I offer professional translations
from English, German, and the
Nordic languages (Swedish,
Danish, and Norwegian) into Czech.

I offer professional editing and proofreading services in the Czech language. Send me your documents
– I will return them print-ready.

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I provide DTP services for flyers, brochures and books. Send me your documents – I will return them print-ready.

I work with the following languages: English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Czech.

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In the ten years I have worked with the translator, editor and lecturer Viola Somogyi, she has never once let me down. Her scope of knowledge is vast exhaustive and she draws on her experience while retaining a creative spark and a light-hearted, no-nonsense approach to the task at hand. I know I can trust her judgement, and I also know I can rely on her meeting deadlines while maintaining a high level of quality of work. Despite her modesty, Viola is one of the best professionals in her field of expertise, and I can sincerely recommend her to all potential clients.

Ivana Mergerová, editor at Mladá fronta

Whenever an agency or publishing house asks me to recommend an editor for one of my Swedish into Czech translations, it is always Viola that I turn to. As my colleagues can confirm: meticulous and reliable editors that are good at what they do are a rare breed – and I have found one of them in Viola. Since meeting then, we have worked together on several Swedish books, as well as on the subtitles for a Swedish television series, where we shared translating and editing responsibilities.

Miroslav Pošta, translator, interpreter, proofreader and editor

I have known Viola – an excellent translator and editor – for a long time. Her translation work is creative and accurate, and her cultured use of language allows her to translate for both children and adults. While it may seem that translating children’s literature is easy, the truth is the opposite and not everyone is fit for the task. Viola’s translations for young readers are graceful, creative and perceptive; they are written in up-to-date language that rolls easily of the tongue. Her skills go hand in hand with an excellent knowledge of her source languages and her creative work is reflected in her editing. Viola is an educated, honest, pleasant, and absolutely reliable young woman – not only is her work an asset to the publishing house that has hired her, working with her is also a wonderful experience for everyone who comes into contact with her.

Zuzana Kovaříková, literary editor at Albatros

Viola has worked with me as an editor, proofreader, and literary translator, and from my professional experience, I can say her work is excellent. A meticulous proofreader and editor, she has a perfect command of both her source and target languages and a sense for language and style; as a translator, she is both talented and highly professional. I have worked with her – and continue to work with her – on books for both children and young adults, as well as on novels for adult readers.

Lucie Šavlíková, redaktorka v nakladatelství Mladá fronta, překladatelka

I met Viola back when we both worked at Albatros, where she was responsible for the ‘Karneval’ edition. She was a wonderful colleague: with a knack for finding great new topics, excellent translations, and a meticulous approach to editing. After I became Editor-in-chief at the Nakladatelství XYZ publishing house, I approached Viola and asked her to work for us as a freelancer, and have enjoyed working with her ever since. I can sincerely recommend her in all the working areas she lists :-)

PhDr. Jana Semelková, editor-in-chief at Nakladatelství XYZ, s.r.o.

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